Getting Swag

We started our day today at Warner Bros. by walking through the backlot.  We got to see the set of Gilmore Girls, ER, and many others! After that we walked through the set of the TV show Chuck.  We got to see the Buymore and also the apartment complex.  The sets were so much bigger and more intricate that I would have ever thought they were!

After that we met with many people in Post-Production sound.  We got to see mixing audio as well as foley, where they make sound effects.  Next we went and saw some digital imaging where they do color correction and also where they take film off and convert it to digital.  We also got to go in one of the vaults where they store all the film reels from previous movies.  Here is a picture of me with Lord of the Rings!

We got lunch after that at the WB cafe and then got to go into the WB museum.  It was really cool because we got to see lots of costumes from Batman, Sweeney Todd, Gossip Girl, The Departed and most of all HARRY POTTER!!!!!  There was a whole floor dedicated to HP and it was incredibly fabulous!!

After that we went to The CW and met with the guy who does online promotions. He showed us lots of promotions that he helped distribute for shows like Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Smallville and Vampire Diaries!  Then he gave us posters and bags made from old billboards.

After that we met with the woman who does Worldwide Marketing for WB.  She gave us a lot of insight on how to market to foreign countries and how the films can change.  She also discussed the upcoming trend to 3D and how that will become marketable!

Finally we met with WB interactive, which deals with the promotions for video games.  It was interesting to see how that differs from the release of films or TV.

In the evening we had some free time and also met with Gil to discuss how to finance an independent feature film!