We Played Slots in Vegas…

Or at least we tried.  Not only were we not 21, but the mean lady informed us that we couldn’t even be within 10 feet of the machines.  Which is pretty much impossible in the Vegas airport. I did manage to secure this photo however…

Anyway, we got up at 4am today got on our flight to Las Vegas, then made our connection to Burbank, CA.  The plane ride was long, but it was a clear day so the view was absolutely beautiful!!

Upon our arrival in Burbank we checked into our hotel and headed to In-n-Out Burger for some lunch! Next we all took naps while Gibson and Kiwitt got the van.  At this point with the time change it had already been a long day!  Next we got groceries for our breakfasts and then had another short break.

In the evening we had a discussion with two Elon Alumni, Katherine and Ben, who both work at NBC Universal.  They had some really great insights on interviewing and securing jobs in the industry as well as surviving life in LA.

We went to this awesome Greek place for dinner where our crazy waiter gave us all recommendations on what to eat! Finally, the moment I had been waiting weeks for, PINKBERRY!!!  It was well worth the wait and so yummy!!

It has been a long and stressful day, and now I am going to sleep!!