Real Diamonds and Fake Cities

So today we spent our time on the Paramount Pictures lot.  There were a lot of really cool sound stages and different props lying around that we got to look at.

The first person we met with was Josh Jack who is in charge of guest relations and the Paramount Page program.  He gave us a lot of good tips on resume building and how to secure a job in the industry.

Next we met with Denise Luiso who worked on music for movies.  She told us about how they go about choosing songs for films and also about how to get the rights and about how much everything costs.  It was really cool to hear about all the bands she has worked with and really see someone who is passionate about her business!

After that we met with John Soriano who is a story analyst for scripts and ideas.  One of his jobs is to read scripts and make summaries of the plot and then suggest ways to make the script stronger.  He then decides whether to pass it on to the next level or not.  He also works on projects that deal further with the production from a writing standpoint.

Next we met Doug Finberg.  He is in charge of international marketing for Marvel and used to work at Dreamworks in the same field.  He talked to us about how culture plays into the marketing of a film and how films can do better or worse in international markets due to the way they are presented.  At Marvel he also deals with the arrangements to make the action figures and toys for distribution with the films.

After that we got lunch at the Paramount cafe and then walked around the lot some more.  We went over to the backlot and accidentally walked through a Black Eyed Peas music video shoot, which was super cool!! After we found out what it was we tried to sneak back in, but they wouldn’t let us.  Oh well!  They were shooting on the fake NYC set.

Then we met with Keegan Heise who works on the show The Doctors.  She talked to us about her move to LA as well as what she does on the show.  We got to tour the offices of the show and even see one of the doctors themselves!!

Lastly we met with two men who worked on marketing and publicity for CBS TV.  They didn’t really inform us about what they did, but we had a really great conversation about how TV is changing and the future of the industry.

After we left the lot we went down to the Hollywood Walk of fame and Mann’s Chinese Theatre, where the handprints are!  I got this sweet picture with the cast of Harry Potter!

After that we went to dinner and then got to go shopping at H&M!! Then we shot this cool video… it is really bad quality, but I’m sure it is entertaining!