Looking up from the Autopsy Table

So today was our last day in Los Angeles, which is actually really depressing.  With the silly rainy weather, however, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.

The first thing we did today was meet with NBC Universal Human Resources department.  We met with the a woman who works with internship applications.  She told us about how to apply for internships and what she looks for in resumes and cover letters.

After that we met with NBC scheduling and development of TV shows.  It was way more complicated than I ever imagined it would be! It was very interesting to see how the development of the internet market for television played into their careers as well.

After that we had lunch and then got a mini tour of the backlot.  Next we met with CSI and got to tour their sets.  The guy who took us around was nice enough to let us take pictures and we got to pretend to be dead bodies in the autopsy room.  Good times.

Later we went to Focus Features and met with the publicity department.  They discussed how all of their movies are very different content wise and therefore are very different by publicity wise.  We also got to talk with them about how youth are viewing movie trailers these days.  We also got some free t-shirts from the movies they have promoted.

Our last stop for the day was meeting with a entertainment lawyer in Century City.  He gave us a lot of insights on the other side of the industry.  It was really interesting to hear how he helps his clients draft contracts and finances.

We had dinner and the headed back to the hotel where we met with an alum who is working in LA.  He was very funny and helpful about how to assert yourself without going overboard.

Anyways, we leave for NC tomorrow, back to cold weather and classes!  Look for some more pictures from the trip soon!