This semester I am taking Static Imaging, which is an upper level digital art class at Elon.  We had a recent assignment to transform four images we were given so that they escaped copyright laws.  By using different layers in Adobe Photoshop I was able to create a piece where the original images were no longer recognizable.  I also added an image of my own, the center figure, to enhance the theme of my piece.

The word is titled “Capture” and evokes a sense of sad nostalgia.  After digital production, I took the art a step further and placed it in a burnt frame and dripped wax on it.  I will put up a picture of the finished product after it is graded, but for now, here is the digital copy.



Downtown with Live Oak

This past weekend I managed and took the photos for a Live Oak Communications shoot on Burlington Downtown Corporation.  I went with our client and selected items from the various shops downtown to bring into the studio.  Once the items were selected, I set up lights and tables and began taking the photos.  We took most of the pictures against a blank background so that we could cut them out for the layout in the magazine.

Here are some shots of the shoot!

Decorative drawer pulls from Bella's House

Rhinestone Earrings from The Parlour Floor

Recycled Aluminum Necklace and Ring Set from BJ's Jewelry

Beige Chair from Gingham Daisy

I really loved working on this shoot and getting to meet all the shop owners.  It gave me an insight into downtown Burlington that I had only scratched the surface of before.

New Fashion Column

Hey All!

I had new fashion column run in Wednesdays paper about new places or new discoveries in the Burlington area!

Out and About: Discoveries in the Burlington Area

I’m also working on a new art project now that I am pretty excited about! More to come later!

Here is a photo of the day: San Gimignano, Italy. I took this on spring break in Italy last semester. I love this picture because I felt like I was standing on the doorstep of the past when I was looking into this little town.