Dream Jobs and Front Row Leno Seats

Okay, so yesterday we went to Universal Studios: Hollywood theme park.  It rained, or more like tsunami-ed ALL MORNING… it was kind of sucky… but by 1ish in the afternoon it stopped, but our shoes were already soaking wet and the rest of the day was pretty miserable.  We still had fun for the most part though.  Since it was rainy we got to go on about anything we wanted, no lines, so that was good.

Fellows on The Mummy!

After the theme park we went to dinner on the City Walk at Wolfgang Puck Bistro, it was yums.

Today we started off the day meeting with ABC World News correspondent Brian Rooney.  He was very interesting to speak with about the changing media sources and other fun information.  We really wanted to break into the Grey’s Anatomy sound stage next door, but we didn’t…

After that we went to Dreamworks Animation and learned how they make animated movies.  The campus was stunning even in the rain, it had beautiful architecture and was really new and clean.  We also got a FREE lunch in the cafeteria, which was super, super good!! They had salmon and yummy Dreamworks cupcakes! All their employees eat for free everyday.  So, I decided that I definitely want to work at Dreamworks now!!

After that we went to the Jay Leno Show where we got to sit FRONT ROW! It was a really cool show and we got to take a picture with Jay before the show.  He remembered us and then ask us to stay after the show and we got to ask him questions for over a half hour!!  We also met with the producer and then ended up going to his restaurant for dinner!

Polaroid with Jay Leno

Then we got to head back to the hotel for the earliest time yet, although we are staying up to watch ourselves on Leno!