Come On Down!!

So yesterday I was very very tired after we got back due to the day’s itinerary, which I will describe later, and was unable to post.  But now I shall post twice!

So yesterday we went to CBS Television City. First we talked with a producer and a director from The Bold and the Beautiful, a very successful soap opera.  It was very interesting to learn what they do; on some days they shoot over 80 pages of script!  We also got to see their massive costume closet, which was very cool!

Next we met with the producer of the The Price is Right and got to tour the stage and go to the production meeting.  In the meeting they went over everything that was going to happen and which models would be using which props and such.  Then we got to watch the practice run while we talked with other members of the staff and crew.

After that we got to be part of the studio audience! The show we saw will be aired March 1, 2010, so be sure to look for us!  It was really fun to get to be a part of the audience and they show was very different taped live than when you see it on TV.  The audience looks so much bigger when you aren’t a part of it! After the taping we got to go backstage again and spin the wheel!!

After that we ate a late lunch at the Television City cafe and then proceeded to go on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful and watched them tape an episode.  The stage they shoot on was huge and they had about a dozen different sets!! We also got to see them edit an episode of the show in the editing suites!

Once we left Television City, we headed over to CBS Radford to be in the live studio audience for the sit-com Gary Unmarried.  It was a really interesting experience! We sat in chairs on a raised platform above the stage and watched them film the scenes over and over again!  We were expected to laugh at the funny parts so that they could record us for a laugh track!  The show was pretty funny, but the whole ordeal took about 6 hours.  After the taping ended we got to talk with the line producer and one of the actresses from the show.  They gave us some good insight about the hours and the pressures of the industry.

Once we got out it was after 10pm and we still hadn’t eaten dinner!  The only places really still open were fast food, so we had El Polo Loco, which was a Mexican/chicken place!  After dinner we went straight back to the hotel and went to bed!