Proposal for Animation

For my final animation I want to work with textiles in a storybook sort of way.  I plan to find and scan lots of different textures and use them as backgrounds and to make my characters.  I am using Giuseppe Ragazzini’s work as partial inspiration.  Obviously I am not that advanced, but I really like how he works with patterns and shapes that are different, yet work together.

For my piece I am imagining soft pastel-like colors in the background with more vivid hues upfront. I may work with the seasons, although I think that is a little contrived. I’m not sure about a plot or a ‘point’ yet.  I’m considering making a piece for my grandmother, centered around her farm, or how I think of it. I don’t want to use people (mostly because I can’t really draw/form them very well) but I am thinking about using an animal as my main character.


Honestly, I need to spend more time figuring out the plot, but I want to start working with the materials I chose to see how much I can realistically accomplish in the time frame.  I will provide updates as I come by them.


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