The first video art I chose was Wait for Me by Lena Nosenko.  The video can be viewed here.

While I don’t think that this video is really very deep or inspiring, I loved how it was accomplished.  Moving over great span on time, it was cool that the artist used the same woman for so many different looks.  It really showed how style is transformative and that women could have looked the same throughout the centuries, but how we view them is different. I liked how the use of wigs and outfits moved on their own, it gave the sense that time was passing over her and she had little control of the trends.  I would suggest to the artist to use better stabilization and consistency because the woman moves around a lot which is pretty distracting.  The music could be less literal, but I think that because the video is pretty slow having another dimension of thought is good.

The next piece I chose was Bass Robots by Marco Tassone.  I really like how the color and the graphic elements work in this video. I like the blinking effect because it makes the video seem less static and more robotic, yet imperfect.  Although I think the music and motion may be a bit too much, I do think that it lends itself well to the robotic feeling and that everything is too much that people aren’t really living. I like how the graphics build up at the beginning and trail out at the end, it bookmarks the video well so that the middle is the most dynamic portion.  I would suggest to the artist to play more with what he has covering the talent’s faces. I think putting the bag like thing on them sort of makes them look like prisoners of war or something, which I don’t it really what he is going for.  I would maybe use a more robot like, metallic feeling mask.

The last video I chose was Liquid Jail by Matías Montarcé.  I love how this piece is so serene, yet it moves. My favorite shot is of the person standing at the top left and how the liquid moves the image subtly.  I think that the sound is especially effective in this piece because it isn’t too literal, it really adds to the video and evokes emotion but without music.  The color is also very effective, the desaturation works as an advantage because it adds to the forgotten, old sense of the video.  The only part I’m not sure works is the shot near the end that is of some metal structure. I think it really detracts from the unity of the piece and takes away from the overall feeling.  I would suggest just removing this scene in it’s entirety.


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