Cinepoem Reflection

We had critique for our Cinepoems on Tuesday. Mine, entitled Precipice can be viewed below.

I think I got an overall positive feedback from the class.  I got several comments about how the audio really enhanced the quality of the video and the seamless breaks allowed for an immersion into the video. In addition, the class liked my use of lighting and how it evoked emotions even without text or explanation.  I would agree with both these comments and would add that I really liked the color composition of the piece as a whole.  Filming at night really gave me the advantage and challenge of working with definite light sources.  When showing the video to others, they were impressed with my use of filters on the ending lighter shots. When I explain to them how it was created, they are shocked at how I arrived at that effect through my methods.

Among the constructive criticism I received was some minor color corrections to the ending shot which the class believed would allow for greater consistency.  I did end up making these changes and being more pleased with my overall result.  Additionally, I received comments that the piece was like a horror film, or had frightening imagery.  This was definitely not my original intent, but I agree that it has tones of that.  I think this is because I was working really hard to capture some kind of deep emotional feeling and may have used too literal of sound effects in combination with video.  I think the second half of the video, however, really tones down the horror movie feeling to a more conceptual, artistic level.

If I got the chance to go back and re-do portions of the video I think I would focus more on getting really clean and precise shots in order to increase the cinematic and beautiful qualities.

Another video that I thought was really effective was Lauren Stellato’s piece using appropriated commercial imagery.  I think that since this idea has been done a lot it is difficult at times to do it well. I thought that Lauren really succeeded.  I loved how she used the movement to transition between the videos so that they looked like they went together, rather than putting in some motion and some static which halts the video. I loved that she used the audio from some videos with the video from others and even mixed them to give contradictory messages.  I think that even though she used many different types and eras of video it came through with a cohesive feel and message about commercialization.



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