Cinepoem Idea

For my cinepoem I want to explore a depth of emotion consisting of fear, sorrow and ultimately love. I don’t want to be literal about any of these, and what I have in mind is definitely more visual than I can put into words. I want the feeling and color to be dark, but cut with scenes of light. It will focus on the emotional process, but not in order, rather the scattered format of our minds as human beings.  This piece wasn’t necessarily inspired by, nor do I want to focus or use this as an example, but the song Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga gives the sort of emotion I want to portray.  It is raw and sad, but powerful and rhythmic. I don’t want to use this score, but I would like to mimic some of the sounds in my own way.  I am planning to use a few different women in this piece because I want to focus on the female mind and it’s eccentricities. I don’t plan to use any spoken words, but mostly sounds and utterances that represent what I want to get across.

I’ve posted the link to the song on YouTube to give you a better idea of the mood.  I am particularly interested in the part from 2:33 to 3:12.


One thought on “Cinepoem Idea

  1. the tone/mood and overarching idea has a lot of potential… be careful with pointing to things like ‘eccentricities of the female mind”… easy to end up creating stereotypes and there’s arguably no overarching eccentricities that are inherently biologically female. is it some aspect of female experience you want to speak to?

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