New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week.  Probably the best week of the year for the fashion world.  Here is the Pendulum article I did on the trends from this year’s fashion week!

Fashion Week: What to Expect for Fall

AND to keep with the theme, here is a photo from the W. 18th street Fashion Show in Kansas City last summer!


New Fashion Column

Hey All!

I had new fashion column run in Wednesdays paper about new places or new discoveries in the Burlington area!

Out and About: Discoveries in the Burlington Area

I’m also working on a new art project now that I am pretty excited about! More to come later!

Here is a photo of the day: San Gimignano, Italy. I took this on spring break in Italy last semester. I love this picture because I felt like I was standing on the doorstep of the past when I was looking into this little town.