Please don’t burn yourself…

So yesterday I went to this Persian New Year’s celebration with some people from the Pendulum.  We ended up having to leave before all of the festivities really got stated, but we did get to participate in one of the traditions: jumping over a fire! It is suppose to clean your sins or something from the year and give you good luck for the year to come.  It was terrifying to jump over the fire, but we all did it anyway.  I ended up getting some decent shots at the ceremony. Here they are!

Pedro jumps over the fire, so cool!!

I ended up catching the flash from the other photographers camera,but the effect I thought turned out pretty cool.


A Look at Andy Warhol

For my digital art class we were instructed to recreate a previous artists work using Adobe Illustrator.  I chose to work from Andy Warhol’s Miss  Dior.  I loved the piece for it’s color and theme!

Here is a scan of the original Warhol work! (Sorry it is upside down, I can figure out how to rotate it!)

Here is my interpretation of the Warhol!

My Oliver Peoples OBSESSION

So yesterday I stumbled across this amazing new mini film/ad for Oliver Peoples eyewear! I have watched it like 8 times already and I find it incredibly beautiful and innovative! It inspires me to make great films! The director is Autumn de Wilde, who is a noted photographer of many indie style musical artists! I love the interesting angles and shots that were achieved as well as the vibrancy of the color and lighting.  My favorite aspect however, is that it is in deed an ad, but the glasses are so well placed that it is understated enough to make a it a beautiful video but still an effective advertisement.

Here is the YouTube version, or the link to the Oliver Peoples website and the high quality version!

Last two weeks and Yesterday’s Fashion Lovely-ness

Here are the links to the last two fashion columns that appeared in Elon University’s The Pendulum.

The first is coverage of the tragic death of Alexander McQueen:

Death and Memories of Alexander McQueen

Last week is a review of NY Fashion Week 2010, including Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Erin Fetherston.

Under a ‘Blue Moon’

This week’s is fashion tips for men!

This One’s for the Boys

Hope you enjoy!